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Liberty returns with an all-new adventure with guest stars Victory and Dasien!

Page 31 (updated Thursday, 29 January 2015).
It's the conclusion of The Trinity Monster!

Two whole days early.

There are more Liberty adventures coming, folks, but next week, we're going back to the Holiday Digest to revisit some events that took place during Crossoverkill, and then after that we'll finally get the long-awaited finale of the Mike Callahan saga.

See you then!

8 hours ago (comment or like)

Hey, Das fans! Noelle's Das is on DA.

She's asking for critiques. So if anyone wants to, you can go leave some constructive criticism or a nice comment.

Be nice!

Critiques should be thoughtful in-depth responses to the work. Artists have the option to consider the Critique as Fair or Unfair. Critiques are displayed on your profile page and are shared with your +Watchers.

Nobody's ever really disabled as long as they COURAGE!

Been thumbing through some old crossover stuff, looking for stuff to exploit for the new series. And then I stopped on this page. I ALWAYS stop on THIS page. And I smile.

One of my favorite aspects of this scene is that I got Al Schroeder, author of Mindmistress and silver age comic book nerd extraordinaire, to drop a Transformers G1 reference into one of HIS pages.

Transformers G1 fans will recognize Michelle Knight quoting on of the more infamous lines from the episode Divide And Conquer". It's also the subject of parody in one of Dr. Smoov's parody videos.

She-Hulk finds out she can 'never' become Jennifer Walters again.

Doomed to look awesome forever.

Noelle's Dasien

Noelle Criminova has sent more Dasien fan art over the years than anyone else. I still have a bunch that I haven't yet posted here.

This week in Liberty The American Girl, Das and Libby are all wet.

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