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I join Mike and JT to talk the legacy of Stan Lee.

Official Post from Dasien: I join Mike and JT to remember Stan Lee.

Spoiler-free Dasien preview!

Captain Paulo's Homage!

My buddy Paulo does this nice little nod to a classic page with Dasien's pal Mel!

Check out the original here:

Mel and Tribble belong to:

Mach Zero

And you thought only the ladies wore this type of costume!

The next chapter of Dasien is going to be very hero-centric. Not only will Das come face-to-face with a rival superhero, but we'll find out about some of the classic heroes from Dasien's world, some with which you may be familiar.

Now, these are rather nudge-wink cameos, as some of them are still technically under copyright, but I can get away with generic representations just fine. For example, I'm sure you can recognize the dashing hero on the left.

But who is that chap on the right? Hmm... A clue may be hidden in plain sight. He also is perhaps the earliest costumed hero in existence.

Is he in heaven? Is he in hell...

A Tribue to Stan Lee

Neil appears on a podcast honoring the legacy of Stan Lee.

GCR 190 - Remembering @TheRealStanLee featured banner art done up by @scp21. #ripstanlee #stanlee The podcast will be out later today.

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