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Montrose Is Streaming NEXT WEEKEND!

Next weekend, the Montrose gang will be showcasing a special movie presentation. What is it?! Uhhh... You'll just have to wait and see.

I'll also be showcasing a very special preview of the next chapter of Dasien! Full, complete pages!

Come to the stream. I'll show them to you there.

8 hours ago (comment or like)

More previews later this weekend!

I'm finally at the stage where I'm starting to complete full color pages. I have 30 pages to release initially with another 40 (possibly more) at a later date.

Chapter 11 of Dasien is not only the longest Dasien chapter ever. It's also about a third as long as the entire Lord Crimson saga. Lord Crimson was only 200 pages long. Zerfall is already pushing 100 pages (pending release), and I'm still only in the first act without having introduced my villain yet.

So, I know I'm prone to big hiatuses, but there's really good reason for this one. It's a HUGE chapter.

16 hours ago (comment or like)


Every last bit of it.

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Featured again in this month's Gingerbread!

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"I remember now..."

Another preview. Getting closer.

Something I should follow more closely...

How to Draw the Female Torso Tutorial is UP on Patreon! Como dibujar el Torso Femenino! ya en Patreon! Please share this! Someone else might need this!

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