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Liberty returns with an all-new adventure with guest stars Victory and Dasien!

Page 31 (updated Thursday, 29 January 2015).
You guys ready for some new comics?

Throwin' some new shit together. See you later this week.

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Two years since the Crossoverord Retrospective

Hard to believe it's already been two years since we recorded this. Since we're gearing up for another one of these, now's a good time to revisit the mega crossover that started them all.

And by the way, the next Dasien story will be a bridge to Crossoverkill, and then we'll have some more new stories for ya before we start up the new chapter of Dasien.

A behind-the scenes look, featuring the writers and artists behind the epic webcomic crossover series!

Another day. Another teaser.

Michelle Knight! Dasien's mild-mannered alter ego. It's not easy being a bombshell superhero. Sometimes you just want to chill and have a parfait.

But when evil rears its ugly head, then it's showtime synergy!

Sharing the creativity.

What I really like about working creatively with other people is finding the strengths of another artist and playing to those strengths. Right now, I'm working with someone, and we came up with a scenario that worked for her. She came in with her own jokes and modified the ending that I had. And even letting her work characters into her style has produced some wonderful results.

I think there were certainly times in my past that I couldn't align myself creatively with other artists. I've come to see that as a personal problem, and I should be smarter with how I work with other artists.

What I've learned is to be more artistically frugal. If there's some joke or a scene that gets cut, I'm not hurt that it gets cut. Instead I say, "Oh good, I can use that in a different story now." I don't become engaged to stories as I originally saw them, and the reward for letting go is that the result I get is often better than what I had originally planned.

There's no point in being rigid with a guest artist. Everyone has their strengths and weakness. Heck, I don't even hold myself to a rigid ideal, because I'm constantly adjusting scenes to get around the limitations of my own style.

The whole point of having a guest artist is that someone else is putting their stamp on my creation, and that's pretty exciting to me.

True, there are always going to be those moments that I say "Dasien would never say that", but those are few and far between.

When I started this thing on page one, with Goldie getting clobbered in the face, I never imagined that I'd get to share this thing with so many great artists. Amateurs and industry professionals alike. So many wonderful artists have stepped in and been a part of Dasien.

It's more than I could have ever asked for, and I am humbled by it.

Building Dasien Story 2

I actually have a full outline of events, but it's hard for me to work from an outline, especially when it gets too complicated. So I've have a more readable breakdown of individual character arcs.

The amount of notes per arc is not indicative of the amount of story that each character represents. It's easier to be more brief with Dasien, even though she's the main character. Parker always has a bit more complicated story arc, but ultimately, this is going to be less of a story about her than the first arc was. (Well, sort of.)

Also, in spite of the brevity, Palody's role in Dasien 2 is FUCKING HUGE. And I shall say no more.

Star Warrior Robbie does an excellent Street Fighter IV style Dasien.

And by no coincidence, I'm sure, it's one of Cammy's poses!

I owe Robbie a lot of thanks for keeping the lights on in my absence. He's been carrying the Dasien load for the past few months with his amazing crossover story.

I thought I'd do this for fun and experimentation. I gotta say, I love these paint splatter and stroke brushes people used for games like Street Fighter 4. It was hard looking up for tutorials on h...

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