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Mynocks chewing on the power cables.

So the site's down. Should be back soonish. Trust me, you're not missing anything.

Hey, the Drunk Duck archive is still up if you absolutely MUST read the backlog of Dasien right effing now.

Look who's coming back!

I think that head shot of Rouge is a little derped. I think I forgot how to draw her. Not that she has a complex character model or anything. She, Goldie, and Parker were pallet swaps of each other when this comic started.

I did a modest redesign on her costume though. There were some logistical problems with the pattern going from front to back on the old design. This time, I made sure that at actually works.

Yeah, I gotta fix that face.

I think maybe...possibly...potentially...

There may be new comics as early as next week. Don't hold me to that!

One of the big impetuses to get back in the saddle is that I have a MAJOR EVENT that takes place in approximately 100 pages, and I'm DYING to get to that page.

There's something coming that's been in the plans for years and years, and I'm finally getting close to springing the biggest surprise in the history of the comic.

100 pages from now.

If you think you know what's going to happen, don't spoil it. But please, tell me in a PM, because I'd love to know if anyone can figure out what's coming.

Visions of beauty

Hey guys,

When you're leaving comments on specific pieces of art, make sure you're leaving comments on the actual photos and not the photo albums. Otherwise, I can't always tell what you're talking about.

Chapter 12 outlined

My script outlines are very basic and only script specific lines of dialogue with the rest to be filled in only after the art is finished. I find that the art best dictates how the dialogue is to be read.

Right now, I'm just fleshing out the next couple chapters so that I have something to work with when it's time to start drawing them.

There was never any such outline for the first nine chapters, which is why they're all paced so badly. This time around, I'm trying to exercise a lot more control over the pacing and having specific beats that need to be hit within a given number of pages. And if it seems too rushed or too plodding, then I mix things up.

We'll see how this turns out when we get to these later chapters.

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