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As you've probably been able to tell, I REALLY like this Catwoman costume.

Excellent work, Nicole!

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Back on track, I think...

So, I left myself in quite a mess last Sunday. I had removed a few pages from Chapter 10, leaving a rather big hole, so I started moving scenes around, and touching up existing art to create continuity points that it's not jarring.

The big issue I was having was that I was telling the story too quickly. There are certain things I want to keep secret for now, so any scenes with villains have been postponed until a later chapter, where I can rework them.

Moving forward, I'm mostly using Chapter 10 to help the comic get back on track with the main storyline, which is the continuation of Dasien and Parker's relationship, which now has Palody thrown into the mix.

Parker feels really bad about what happened to Das earlier in the comic. Will Palody be the person she needs to talk to, or will she just be a pest?

Hey, get out of that fridge, Palody!

Have you ever seen the Black Scorpion?! This is such a guilty pleasure of mine from the 90s.

This should be on everyone's shelf of so-bad-it's-good movies, like Showgirls and Hard Ticket To Hawaii.

This B-movie from director Rodman Flender (The Unborn) was originally broadcast on Showtime's Roger Corman Presents series. Joan Severance stars as a cop who becomes a leather-clad superhero named Black Scorpion when her father is murdered...

Yuuki appears in today's Crossoverlord rerun on Smackjeeves!

Never read the Crossoverlord?! Now's a good time to start. It's updating daily on Smackjeeves, and there are even going to be bonus chapters!

Mindmistress discovers why her years-long search across the multiverse has turned up no other beings like her. She, along with Dasien, Mechagical Girl Lisa (A.N.T.), Dead Debbie and others, will attempt to solve the mystery of the missing doppelgangers as they take on the evil CROSSOVERLORD! And the

Best homage ever!

What the double heck?!

Harley Quinn gets a pair of unexpected visitors when Power Girl crash lands down by the beach and Madame Macabres son Mason returns. Coney Island is about to get even weirder for Harley because not only did Power Girl fall

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