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Drawing Attention Article

Nepath was nice enough to feature Dasien on his Drunk Duck article spotlighting comic artists. Mwee!

This time out I wanted to talk about superhero comics again and turn the spotlight onto the one that was responsible for me discovering Drunkduck in the first placeDasien.Over the years the comic has become slightly entwined with my own comic, but always they have remained the own entities, so I ho...

Mad Machine!

Another video from Bubblegum Crisis Hurricane Live! and again with both kanji/kana, transcription and english translation. Enjoy :)

Production Update - Aug 17

Well, I said it would be really close. The thing is, I really want to deliver SOMETHING on Tuesday, because it is my birthday, and it seems like an appropriate deadline. So here's what's going to happen...

NO MATTER WHAT... I will deliver SOMETHING on Tuesday. I have enough finished that I can go forward with a release, but it may not be the full second portion of the chapter.

As far as page count goes, the next release will be at least 35 pages. I don't remember the exact count, because the file names I used are kinda funky, but I'm pretty sure it's at least 35, which pushes the full chapter to 65 pages...until part 3 comes out.

So, thanks for hanging with me. I appreciate your patience.

No Context

Two separate practice drawings just kind of go together by happenstance. Do I have a place for this in the story? Yeah, I think so. Again, it just kind of fits with another scene I've got, so I'll use it.

SGVY, Magical Girl Neil, and Dasien.

Dear god, I wake up this morning to find this. Now I have cavities.

A Lady and Her Age
This is so great! Satellite Nine made everyone look so cute too! Be sure to check out Satellite Nine's Magical Girl Neil and TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien!

One Week! Can Neil make it?!

Okay... Time to start getting real. Got a smack myself on the cheeks a couple times. Throw water in my face. Psyche myself up! Chug some caffeine! GET IN THE GAME!!!

All I know is that every time I set a date, I usually slip past it. BUT!!!!!!!!many-exclamation-points.... I do deliver. There is new Dasien RIGHT around the corner, and it heavily follows the four-part Hunted Saga of Energize, obviously.

I have to admit, there's some retconning coming. A lot of stuff that was never established before in either Energize or Dasien is about to be laid out at your feet, which is kind of bullshit (I admit), but it's important moving forward.

Because even I am not such a hack that I wouldn't understand that the Energize bit should be an important piece of the overall story. What way this impacts the story is not something I'll reveal right now, but it's important.

And I might even be misdirecting you with my 4-dimensional chess-playing.


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