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Chapter 12 Preview

As you may recall, there was a version of Dasien Chapter 12 that was more of a Parker and Palody story. Unfortunately, poor ol' Das hasn't been doing much superheroic things lately, so I scrapped it and replaced it with a new story that's more action-focused.

not only does Das put the leo on and get down to some action, but she finally meets Zerfall! Lots of neat stuff coming!

Also, Speed-0 shows up.


Slight modification to how I draw noses.

More to come!

I'd like to thank all of my lovely readers who helped zap a bunch of typos. I'll have more for you in the coming weeks! I promise.


Hey, at least it's not a fart joke.

Thank you all for reading!

More Dasien soon. In the meantime, I have a few typos to fix. I dropped a letter on the page in which Mike is training. Also, I somehow managed to misspell DEBT, and in an owed debt, as DEPT, like a Police Dept.

These will get fixed today. Promise.

Don't miss the new page of Energize on The Duck!

Another delay, I know, but in my defence I was really busy at work plus I was ill. Anyway, all good now, so back on it! Wanted to just develop Beth a little more with this page, as it's important that she has a strong character. When I introduce a new character that is retroactively made a deep part...

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