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Sexy, sexy Cammy costume pre-order pack.

(Other characters too, but who cares about them?!)

Hey everyone! We have some exciting news to share with all you Street Fighter V fans out there. Up until now in North America, pre-ordering the game would just get you access to the online beta, bu
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Left-handed characters.

Parker Lynn Bailey gets most of my own personal traits. Her taste in women. Her nearsightedness. Her love for classic rock. Her plain-jane fashion sense.

AND she's left-handed. It's not as tricky as it sounds, but I usually have to do a quickie dominant hand check whenever I'm about to ink, just to make sure she's not doing anything righty.

It's just natural that you want to give most character right-handed traits, so the lefty is always the odd one. Everything Parker does in the comic is flipped from every other character. She even folds her arms the reverse way.

I try not to overdo it, because it's actually easy to screw up, so I avoid certain situations, such as having her use a pen or something like that.

But she's definitely left-handed in the art. It's not something I expect anyone to notice, but you'll see it a lot once you're aware of it.

I realize that this is a weird anecdote about such a subtle thing in the comic, but it's the kind of shit that artists think about when they're drawing. We pay attention to things that nobody else ever notices.

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My favorite Power Girl!

Good morning and happy Monday :) today's Project Mayhem challenge...Google your name and post the first pic that comes up. Here's mine when I look up Az Powergirl.
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Black & white stuff!

Go check out Luniara

She's one of my favorite DA artists! Really adorable style. Awesome stuff.

A Lune for my 2015 progression. FYI: Lune is my OC I have had since I was in 6th grade. All my Luniaras are based off of one or a few of her traits and possess some of her looks.

New teasers coming this weekend!

Sorry I've had so much down time lately. Just my usual scatterbrained worth ethic.

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