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There's a BOMBSHELL dropped on Fearless and Energize!

Page 12 (updated Friday, 23 June 2017).
The Dasien Cast announcement!

Admittedly a very strange topic for the first Dasien show, but there is no greater hero to me than Jim Henson.

The show will be a Patreon-exclusive. Please consider giving a pledge when the show goes live.

There will be other perks for supporting Das that I'll cover in a future video.

As you guys know, I just launched the Dasien Patreon. For $2, you get a bunch of perks. A monthly "Leotard-ize Classic Heroines", exclusive mini-comics, and a podcast! I'll also be adding more perk...

Leotardize Zelda and Impa WIP!

Starting a Patreon. You could support me for a mere $2 and take a monthly poll to select a character you'd like to see "leotard-ized"! OR take the $5 tier and make a request!

Patrons also get a monthly podcast and other goodies. Extras to be added!

Having some fun with this one. This is a sample of the type of art you could get if you support me on Patreon. Want me to draw a leotard-ized heroine for you? You can make a selection f...

The best fighter

I never show enough love towards my Cammy, and I LOVE my Cammy!!! <3

Hey, I got a poll going on DA for a Dasien Patreon!

Don't worry, the comic is always free. But for $2 monthly, let me know what kind of features you'd like. You can get art. You can get special comics. Anything within reason.

Some features will be more, but within reason. I'm not going to gouge you guys for "signed merch" or anything LAME like that. I want you guys to have something special, even long after my star has faded.

What features would you like on a Dasien Patreon? A podcast? Monthly goals for commissions? "Leotardi-ize" your OC? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

Progress Update:

Dasien Chapter 11 probably WON'T be wrapping up in July. I've just had too many things on my plate with the new podcast and all. I know, I made work for myself, and I'm stalling on the comic again. Sorry.

...Buuuuut things are pretty far along, and new Dasien isn't that far away.

And you've been seeing a few new "pencil" illustrations (it's all digital, actually) posted recently. I'm restructuring a few pages to my liking. I'm really particular about the structure this time around. It's important for everything to be RIGHT, especially with things getting as emotional as they are. It's a huge turn for the series coming up. I change my mind a lot.

Speaking of which, you may remember that I boarded and then canceled an early version of Dasien Chapter 12. It's the one in which Parker was running a marathon. It's cute, but it literally stops the story dead in its tracks. I may reuse the assets down the line, but for now it's nixed.

In its place is an entirely new chapter 12 entitled "Killing Machine". It's the next chapter after the one I'm currently working on. It's where we meet our new antagonist (he's a cyborg, hence the name) and he'll be shaking things up pretty quickly.

I like what I have, and I'll share some assets with you soon. Back to work!

Mara from New Adventures Of He-Man

Drawn in crappy Filmation style.

Still kinda hot, though.

Remember Mara from The New Adventures Of He-Man? Here's what she'd look like in the crappy Filmation style. Intentionally drawn shitty. Yet... Still kinda hot.

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