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Noelle draws Yuri from the Dirty Pair.

If not for the Dirty Pair, there would be no Dasien.

Update on the ol' Das-puter. I got an appointment scheduled. Things should be back in order shortly. I'll be doing some drawing over the weekend (ON ACTUAL PAPER!) and I'll be sure to post the goodies on Monday, along with the next page. (hopefully!)

Having some computer issues all of a sudden. Gonna have someone look at it. The next batch of Dasien pages are nearly completion, but it's gonna have to wait for a few days. Sorry.

Thanks for waiting!!

Magical Girl Neil.

...shut up!

Some music to listen to while reading this:

This illustration is pretty awesome.

Wow. There are so many jokes I want to make about this picture, but I think all of them will get me in trouble. many jokes.

New Dasien comics coming. One more day.

You know how it is. I can be slow.

2 weeks ago (comment or like)

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