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Wonder Woman trailer

So I was out of town for a while. I'm back, and I'm just now absorbing what happened at Comic-Con.

Holy shit, this actually looks good. Wonder Woman is an icon, and after BvS, I was really nervous about this movie. The trailer sets a lot of things right.

For one, it's a DC movie that is not ashamed of her being a superhero, which is exactly why I was so disappointed in Man Of Steel. Man of Steel felt like a superhero movie made by someone who hates superheroes.

Wonder Woman looks good.

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright Wonder Woman Official Comic-Con Trailer (2016) - Gal Gadot Movie An Amazon princess leaves her island home to e...

Yesterday was the birthday of Dasien's favorite superheroine, Lynda Carter!

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes to me! I'm truly blessed.


Tomorrow I am competing at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, in the 100m hurdles at 8.45am and 1.15pm :)
#athletics #PUMA #Sunshinecoast #Queensland


Talk about the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Stripperella was TRAGICALLY short-lived having only lasted a single season and is a close second behind Clerks The Animated Series on my list of great shows that died way too soon.

Stripperella, starring Pam Anderson, was produced for Spike TV's primetime adult animation block back in 2003. It ran along side Ren & Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon and Gary The Rat. Stripperella was EASILY the best of the three, as John K had firmly fallen off the wagon, and Gary the Rat was a shitty flash cartoon they had the audacity to broadcast on TV.

Stripperella, in spite of its sex appeal and perv-pandering, was actually an extremely intelligent show. The comedy was razor sharp and completely understood its fanbase by making funny references to everything from Bill Dozier's Batman to James Bond.

It was laugh-out-loud hilarious, with both cleverly-written jokes and visual humor. Even when the animation quality and art direction took a noticable hit halfway through the painfully short 13-episode run, it still never lost its ability to make me laugh.

If you've never seen this show and LOVE fucked-up adult humor, you need to find it.

Crossoverpower and Dasien news!

Well, no Dasien comics yet. LOL! God I suck.

But, Crossoverpower basically dominated my week, so that's my excuse. So in huge strides, we've been able to cobble together a synopsis, and I've been working on an outline for the story.

There are a few technical glitches. I've gotten as far as the final confrontation already, but the layout of the place in which it happens is in question at the moment. And yes, it actually matters, because the team splits up, and I don't know if they're able to access each other. My typical way of writing myself into a hole.

So in lieu of my typical cop out, I might as well announce that there's a new character who's joined the cast. It's Pablo Praino's Kollision! Kollision is a hilarious addition to the team from how Pablo has described him.

I'll be honest, we're kinda light on villains, because we lost a huge chunk of them when we split with the old storyline. It's not a huge deal. There's a villain I've been trying to get into one of these crossovers since the first one, and I think it's time to bring that one in.

I'm waiting on some feedback, so maybe I'll just use tomorrow to color more Dasien. Yeah, I should REALLY do that.

Sorry, you guys.

I follow a FEW of these suggestions...

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