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After ten years of being in self-imposed exile, Mike Callahan returns to New Rossco as the superpowered hero Energize!

Page 28 (updated Friday, 17 February 2017).
Energize Clean-Up

So how much better does the comic look now? Well, take a look at this. On the left is the Drunk Duck version. On the right is the original quality now available on the site.

Also, as I indicated before, I'm doing some typo-correction. Nepath, bless him, made some rather interesting typos. Most of them are missing commas and apostrophes, which he did with remarkable regularity. Those mistakes were everywhere, and it took me a couple hours just to do a single chapter.

Right now, it all looks great. I'm on course to release the next chapter on Friday.

Energize Relaunch Update!

I now have 100% (or very close to it) of all original comic files. I don't think anything is missing, but I haven't thoroughly checked yet.

I'll be editing some of those old comics later this weekend for typos another assorted anomalies.

Thanks again to ShastaB24 for making this happen. She saved my bacon on this.

Energize debuts on!

Ah, screw it. I'm not going to make you wait for it. Here's a totally refreshed, cleaned-up version of the first chapter of Energize!!!

If you've never read Energize before, it's the story of the rise and fall of a superhero. It's kind of a sad story, really.

Anyway, these are significantly cleaned up now, using the original comic files. Did a few formatting corrections, fixed some typos, and added some external context to Energize's place in Dasien's world, although Dasien never appears in the Energize comic itself.

In fact, there's only one illustration Nepath ever did of her, and I was nice enough to throw it in there as a bonus.

Happy reading!

Next comic in about a week. If I don't have Chrono Geode done by then, I'll just put up Energize #2!


Hope burns bright.

Photo by BriLan Imagery

Energize Restored!

Original quality pages live again. Energize will be coming to in its original non-muddy form. Thanks to reader ShastaB24 who saved all this stuff.

You are my savior.

Energize will start running on

Editing Energize

I'm still trying to get my hands on good copies of the original Energize story arc. Not to worry. One way or another, I'll host the comic, even with crummy JPEG compression. It's not THAT bad.

Anyhoo, until that happens, I've begun editing the available pages. Aside from a few typos, the only major edit thus far is breaking two pages apart. In a comicbook, this would be a two-page spread. But in a webcomic, there are formatting problems. It worked okay on DD, but for my site, this isn't going to work.

So you can see the somewhat challenging prospect of decoupling these pages, given that they overlap. But I did it, because I'm a Photoshop wizard.

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