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New Dasien previews tomorrow!

It never seems to end. But eventually, a new chapter will emerge from this. It's just... fucking... huge...

12 hours ago (comment or like)

Check out this awesome Gen 13 coloring.

Yep, I like Gen 13's Caitlin Fairchild for reasons that don't need to be expanded upon. You already know.

some more colors this time over c-dubbkitari5's work hope you like it. pencils and flats by: inks by : colors: me

More previews to come!

I've been hard at work assembling the latter part of the chapter. Like I said, it's a HUGE chapter. I will be releasing more teaser previews in a bit, but I can't today, due to heavy spoilers.

Something happens in this chapter that I've been saving up for a looooong time.

See you in a few days, and hopefully the new chapter will be out in a couple weeks!

Now, I must crash.

Major hotness!

Amazons on dinosaurs!

More Amazon Goodness
One of my favorite things to draw these days is Amazons on dinos.

Archie Comics

I think I can blame Archie for my love of cheesecake. This set me on my path early on. Archie Comics are basically "My First Softcore Porn".

Hey, no regrets. Without these, I probably would have never met Kittyhawk.

Proof that classic anime is the BEST anime!

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