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Black & white stuff!

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My most cherished and beloved anime. Totally zany and worth watching just for the end fight scene!

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Project A-Ko's 30th Anniversary

Here's the entire first movie, presented right here on!

Kinda hokey by today's standards. However, this movie has the greatest anime fight scene of all-time.

Project A Ko First Movie Synopsis Sixteen years have passed since a mysterious alien ship crashed on Earth. Graviton City, once leveled by the ship's crash, ...
19 hours ago (comment or like)

Holy shit! Project A-Ko turns 30!

Caution! Link is NSFW! Do NOT click unless you're safe from prying eyes.

As many of you know, Project A-Ko is maybe my favorite anime of all-time. Whether or not it truly edges out Dirty Pair is dependent upon the time of day and my personal mood, but I'm pretty sure it's my favorite.

The final battle from this movie is as straight an inspiration as you can get. Totally bombastic and huge, and I've always wanted to match it. I haven't yet. It's still my favorite animated fight scene ever, and it's between two girls in high school.

No, put your Dragonball Z away, kids, this one blows that shit away.

So in spite of this movie having such an action-packed finale, the bulk of the movie is filled with a lot of suggestive lesbian romance drama, although it never firmly comes out and says so. The villainous B-Ko is smitten with C-Ko, but she needs A-Ko out of the picture. Why, you ask? Because three's a crowd when you're bumping tacos, of course!

The entire movie has a very doujin feel to it, including some very questionable "fair use" parodies of other anime properties. A keen eye will spot references to Dirty Pair and Sailor Moon, but one of the girls in the movie is unambiguously Kenshiro in a skirt.

The link I've supplied here is a series of design concepts and some storyboards for the never-completed Cream Lemon (porno) version of A-Ko. Within are some steamy bits that you may not be prepared for, including an entire storyboard for a cunnilingus scene, O-face and all. C-Ko's character model is more grown-up here, so the rivalry between A-Ko and B-Ko for her affection actually makes more sense.

I guess I'm happy that Project A-Ko never took this route, because it sure would be a lot harder to recommend it to people had that happened.

But am I surprised that Project A-Ko nearly became hentai? Not at all.

A production album of art and designs to be used in the never-completed Cream Lemon installment. It would have been volume 3 of the series, but I'm much happier things turned out the way they did. Adult content here!
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Wow, I loved these comics as a kid.

I think it's all starting to make sense now.

The amazingly cool art of classic cyberpunk, Shadowrun

The year is 2050. William Gibson is rolling over in his grave. It is the dark cyberpunk future. Dragons, elves, orcs, and other fantasy creatures have appeared on the earth and changed it forever. Corporations rule the cities and there are deckers using the Matrix to hack some credsticks, chummer. A

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