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Another side story in the works!

Here comes a new challenger! Pablo Praino has entered the fray! look for this new adventure in a few weeks. (And yes, it features yet another SPECIAL GUEST HERO!!!)

Liberty and Dasien

Together at last! Coming soon!

4 hours ago (comment or like)

You Can Win If You Dare

Here is a little musical compilation I had a little somethin' to do with. What happens when you take the best parts of Vince DiCola's score and mash it all together? You get this.

Here are all of the best parts of the TFTM score thrown into one 17 minute track of awesome.
5 hours ago (comment or like)

I think we all understand the ending of Korra perfectly.

(Seriously, you have to be pretty dense to not have gotten the message.)

After watching Legend of Korras finale I had to drop everything I was doing to make this! My goodness this ending! I was scared about what could happen at the end, I was crossing my fingers ...
10 hours ago (comment or like)

This week in Dasien, we come to the land of the ice and snow.


19 hours ago (comment or like)

For the Goldie fans...

Seitokai no Ichizon Lv 2 - Lilicia Toudou Ojou-sama laugh

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