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Hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving!

Dasien will be back next week with all new action!

19 hours ago (comment or like)

Adorable Goldie!

BWAHAHAHA!!! I sketched this one up really fast to fill out a panel a little more. I'm so glad I did, because this is SO CUTE!

How can you not love Goldie?!

Radiant Smile

Dasien has a heart of gold. And my favorite way to get that across to the audience is with her smile. Dasien has one of the most radiant smiles you'll ever see.

Mots929 is amazing!

If I had the money, I would throw it at this guy. His art reminds me of the era in which Japanese art used to be good.

The Dasien Holiday Digest is almost upon us!

In the upcoming digest, one story is Christmas themed-and the rest of them are all OC-crossover adventures.

Speaking of OC crossovers, the month of January is wide open if anyone wants to do a quickie short crossover with Dasien.

This time around, I'm not heavily relying on guest strips, so I'm not going to aggressively request them. I'm just putting it out there for anyone who is REALLY interested.

"What a rude super villain!"

Pulsar Pureheart makes the error of assuming that Goldie is a super villain.

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