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It's July 4th, everybody! And it's time for some new Liberty The American Girl on!

Check back later this weekend and all next week for this mini-story. And I promise after this story, we'll finally get the second half of "A Hero's Respite"!

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Gizmo Bug robbing the bank

Poor Gizmo Bug. Something's missing from his life.

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Parker on Twitter!

Dasien's buddy Liberty. Look at that costume. I'd bop Das on the head if she wore anything like this.
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Nepath talks about Energize Unleashed

Partly time constraints but mainly re-drafts! Energize Unleashed is the last Energize story that im going to do and I want it to be right. The first two stories were intentionally supposed to be li...

Holy cow, did Conan just make a Sailor Moon joke?!

#CONAN Mono: Last night, for the first time in 24 years, Jupiter and Venus appeared almost on top of each other. So, the gay marriage ruling is having more of an impact than we thought. MORE jokes @

Go read this comic!

Full of sexy fun and NSFW! that means that it's extra good!

"God Save the Busty Queen" by Kittyhawk is the 24Hour Comic Challenge 2015 Australia 1st Prize Winner in the 24 Page category! OMG! THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR VOTING FOR ME! I'm so happy! Here's the announcement:

I'm still giving the comic away for free, so here's the link to Sketchbook so you can snag a digital copy:


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