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Something to look for in the next day or so...

15 hours ago (comment or like)

Hell yeah! Classic Elastigirl!

Lovely legs.

Elastigirl shoot with Chris Gomez Photography

I re-made the costume for this shoot (so I don't have to use the other one anymore from whom I don't want to represent)

I'll just put this here...

Kit Ballard's classic costume. Still the best!

From Blade Kitten episode 2.

I won again!

Parker Lynn Bailey wins best supporting character.

Congratulations to Parker from Dasien.

Critics Acclaim

She has a great reparte with Dasien and the other characters. She has the down-to-earth Watson type personality. A sensible but also fearless character.

As the brains to Dasien's brawn, and one side of a weird and uncomfortable love triangle, Parker is an integral part of the Dasien universe. She's a formidable character in her own right, able to exchange verbal barbs with rivals, and do the detective work behind the scenes that makes Dasien's success possible.

She is a well-written supporting character and one I did find myself interested in following and forming the character empathy crucial to immersion. - See more at:

Clothing catalogs

I used to have a giant stack of clothing mags that I'd keep in boxes. I still have some, but my collection is cut down considerably, given the existince of Google Images.

The nice thing about clothing magazines (as opposed to lingerie catalogs) is not just that you get a much more commonplace sense of fashion, but the models are much more down-to-earth and humanized.

But who am I kidding? I just wanted to post this adorable picture. So there you go.

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