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  The Adventures of Liberty The American Girl #2


A "bootleg" comic book tale by:

SD Anderson

(If you are the author of this work, please contact me.)

Splash Page:

Scene: Liberty is flying up near the top of a cavernous building holding on to a tremendously large and heavy object by a rope that is starting to fray under the stress. Underneath the object bound spread eagle on the floor is Gina Landry. (The rules prohibit any heroine-in-bondage stuff. They say NOTHING about prohibiting heroine's-best-friend-in-bondage however... ;pbbbbbt), The loose end of the rope is cleanly cut and the picture makes it clear that the object was released seconds before and Liberty has barely managed to get a hold of the rope at the last second.

Due to it's bulk, it can't be swung out of the way, too many pipes and support beams in the way. The roof is solid steel. Even setting the object down gently would pancake Landry.

Liberty (thought balloon) It'd take too long for me to tear out the roof, but if I don't move this out of here, Gina will DIE!

Caption: SWEET rights and privileges! How did poor Liberty get trapped in such a perilous situation????

Page 2 Panel 1:

Top Caption: It started in the hidden lair of those arch fiends Mister Unreal and Sister Unreal.

Scene: Sister Unreal (gorgeous brunette in a sexy nun outfit storms into the kitchen where Mr. Unreal (Man in a rather tattered coat, mask, top hat and tie dyed T-shirt outfit) is eating a bowl of cereal, reading the paper, and smoking a pipe. (one of them there funny glass ones with water in 'em, if you catch my drift)

Sister Unreal: ERICH!!!* That two bit fuzz punk Liberty caught Carl and Freddy last night!

Lower Caption: *Erich Neighbors, Mr.. Unreal's true identity (Sizzling Describer SD)

Page 2 Panel 2:

Scene: Mr. Unreal does a 'Danny Thomas' bit and spits up the coffee he was swallowing.

Mr. Unreal: Oh man, Man! Those guys were supposed to bring back enough moolah from selling off our excess hash supply to let us wait out the heat for a few months. What happened?

Page 2 Panel 3:

Scene: Close up of Sister Unreal

Sister Unreal: It was a setup man! One of the sellers was a #$%@ing NARK Man! Freddie tried flying off when the heat went crazy on him but that Libby chick swooped down and decked him.

Page 2 Panel 4:

Scene to get away from the talking head syndrome, POV from the ceiling as Mr. Unreal stands up from his chair in outrage.

Mr. Unreal: We gotta do something about that fox. Not only is she cramping our style, we OWE Carl for unfreezing us*. Besides man, the stupid *$#@ works with the NARKS!

Sister Unreal: Yeah well what do you think we ought to do about it then?

Lower Caption: * Sister and Mister Unreal were frozen after falling into a vat of liquid Nitrogen back in Astonishing Adventures #428 (November 1973) and resucitated in Redstorm Unleashed #1 (Jan 1996), recovered their powers in Blue Mooney Wilding Hunter #1 (May 1996) and joined forces with Lord Jupiter (Carl Redding), Conniva (Jasmine O'Shea) and The Black Shadow (Fred Maddingly) to form the Quixotic Quintet in RAMPAGING ACTION special #1 (July 1997) (Startling Development Archivist SDA)

Page 2 Panel 5:

Scene: Close up of Mr. Unreal taking a big hit off of the bong.

Mr. Unreal: "Don't know yet. Gonna take some heavy cognitation to figure that out. Better get into a good state for it right hon?"

Page 3 Panel 1:

Scene, Sister Unreal takes a hit off the bong.

Sister Unreal: Yeah man I guess we'd better HIGH tail it out to cognitation central.

Page 3 Panel 2:

Scene: Sihilouette of the two getting stoned.

Background noise: Lots of giggles and snickering

Caption: What fiendish plot can the two hateful hippies be plotting against Sweet Liberty?

Page 3 Panel 3: Scene: the apartment of Jesse Wells and Gina Landry. Both ladies are hitting their books.

Jesse: "I can't get ready for finals and fight criminals like that every night Gina!

Gina: "I taped your class lectures Jesse. Finals are only a week long, thank goodness."

Page 3 Panel 4: Scene: The apartment rattles as a large explosion goes off several blocks away, near the top of the hill. Both Gina and Jesse stand shocked and go to take a look.

Page 3 Panel 5: Scene: Looking over the girls' shoulders an unknown supervillain is trashing one of Liberty's superhero buddies. Jesse & Gina (simultaneously): "GASP!!!"

Page 3 Panel 6: Scene: Liberty flying to the rescue!

Page 4 Panel 1 Scene: Liberty flies at the unknown villain, slams into his back and passes through! Not only that but her arm passes through the head of her erstwhile ally!

Liberty: "Articles and Amendments! It's just an ILLUSION!"

Page 4 Panel 2: Scene: Down below, a hippied-out VW van.

Sister Unreal: "See I TOLD you she always hangs out near UCLA! But YOU! If we'd gone ahead and used the I Ching results you got we'd have been wasting our time down in Newport Beach!

Page 4 Panel 3: Scene: Talking heads between the two Unreals. Mister Unreal is concentrating a bit 'seeing' through his illusions.

Mister Unreal: "Careful man, she knows how far my range is and is looking for us."

Page 4 Panel 4: Scene: Liberty is flying over the region, aside from the hippie decorated van of the villains, the cars in the area are reasonably modern.

Liberty: (Thought Balloon) *There is a super-powered hippy villain somewhere near here. WHERE?"

Page 4 Panel 5: Scene: Liberty has made her Notice Obvious roll and is swooping down on the two villain's vans. Sister Unreal is flying up at our heroine.

Page 4 Panel 6: Scene: Combat. Sister Unreal is entangling Liberty in her case hardened hasish cement attack.

Sister Unreal: "Now you're gunna pay for playing footsie with the pigs, man! You put our peoples in jail, we're gunna stomp you for it!!!"

Liberty: (Thought Balloon) The scent of this stuff is... narcotic. Must hold breath and hope my bullet resistant skin resists this horrible chemical's penetration factor!)

Page 4 Panel 7: Scene: Liberty smashes out of the entangle and P O W S Sister Unreal halfway across the street!

Page 5 Panel 1 Scene: The illusionary supervillain, who provides Mr. Unreal the POV for his clairvoyance stares at Gina, who has made her way from the apartment to the battle scene. Same Panel insert: Mister Unreal's eyes light up in recognition

Mister Unreal: "Hey I saw that chick before Man.*

Caption *He sure did true-faithed ones! Gina was there back in "The Further Adventures of Real Adventures #1's first sequel" Gold foil cover #1. Serious Developing Action SDA

Page 5 Panel 2 through 5: Scene: Combat lots of cat fight combat with Liberty getting the best of the villainess but not quite being able to knock her out.

Page 5 Panel 6: Scene: Mister Unreal has made himself invisible and has snuck up on Gina. Getting behind her he smacks her in the head rendering her unconscious and immediately turns her invisible too. A couple of people see it and are confused, most are too busy watching the fight.

Page 6 Panel 1 Scene: More combat, Sister Unreal is getting shellacked now. Sister Unreal: "You lousy Pig! Ooooooooooooooooooofffffffffff!"

Page 6 Panel 2 Scene: An obvious illusion of Mister Unreal appears next to the hapless not so high priestess. Illusion: "Time for you to bail babe, plan just changed." Liberty: "What makes you think I'll let her get away?"

Page 6 Panel 3 Scene: Over a dozen perfect illusions of Sister Unreal appear and mix in around her. Sister Unreal and all of the illusions suddenly fly away in differing directions.

Illusion: "Lets just say when it's time for this chick to split, she SPLITS!" (mocking laughter)

Page 6 Panel 4 Scene: Liberty makes up for her earlier failure to spot the hippy van by chasing after the real Sister Unreal, and grabs her by the ankle.

Liberty: "You made your dupes TOO good my friend. They're costumes aren't torn or fight-damaged.

Page 6 Panel 5:

Scene: The illusion of Mister Unreal gets a bit bigger and more transparent and his face contorts with rage. Liberty holds the captive Sister Unreal by her ankle the way a fisherwoman might hold a prize trout on a line.

Illusion: "You vile Nixonoid! LET HER GO or..."

Page 6 Panel 6 scene: variation the prior panel, with an image of Gina suddenly appearing Illusion: "I'll *play* with my new friend here."

Liberty: "Ok, don't hurt her. I'm letting her go."

Page 7 Panel 1: Scene: Sister Unreal flying off in the distance, Mister Unreal's image fading out Illusion: "First I gotta bandage all them boo boos you gave my woman. After that you stick around here honey and I'll send an illusion along to tell you what you got to do to get your girlfriend back.

Page 7 Panel 2 Scene: Liberty lands at the corner and waits. To her left ten feet away, he's invisibly standing by, the still unconscious body of Gina draped invisibly over his shoulder. He's pointing at her and silently laughing at her. Liberty (thought balloon) He's close by to be able to send that illusion but he can make himself look like anyone here.

Page 7 Panel 3 Scene close up on Liberty's worry ravaged face

Liberty (thought Balloon) If anything happens to Gina, I swear you two losers will never know another minute's peace!

Page 7 Panel 4 Time has passed. The sun has set. A creepy-looking heroin addict type approaches liberty and hands her a note.

Page 7 Panel 5 Scene Under the street lamp light the note reads "Don't speak to him. Follow this guy. He doesn't know where she is, he only knows where a note telling you where she is can be found. You will be watched by others. If we see pigs or other super nazis that other note gets burned long before he can get to it."

Page 7 Panel 6: Scene They've walked a few blocks and he gets to an out-of-order pay phone and gets the second note.

Page 8 Panel 1: Scene Reading the note, Liberty flies off at top speed, arriving at a shut-down factory.

Page 8 Panel 2: Crashing through the roof she sees Gina spread-eagled as per the splash page, and some automatic system cuts the rope!

Page 8 Panel 3: Scene: one scene after the splash page. Liberty (Thought Balloon) There's nothing I can do to stop this thing from falling! That's IT! It can't fall faster than Gravity can pull it but I CAN!

Page 8 Panel 4 Scene: Liberty lets the rope go and flies down faster than the object can fall gets under it, catches it and throws it away.

Page 8 Panel 5 Scene: Liberty is on the floor next to Gina bending down. Gina's right arm is free after Liberty obviously took the rope in two hands and ripped it apart.

Gina: "I can untie myself. They're in the next room. Stop them!"

Page 8 Panel 6 Scene: The next room, ripped to pieces after a battle that leaves Mister & Sister Unreal laid out cold and Liberty standing triumphantly over them. Gina, untied has entered and between rubbing her wrist is looking for something.

Liberty: "Gina, you shouldn't have come in here while I was fighting!" Gina: "Hah. They were finished by the time I got my feet untied. But they didn't feed me while I was a captive and I KNOW stoners like them have to have munchies around. Ah. Here they are."

Final Panel:

Scene: A circle around Gina who is holding up several of the confections you KNOW *HAS TO BE* associated with a story like this.

Gina: "Look at all the Fruit Pies!"


Liberty: The American Girl (tm) © Alan Brzozowski. Used with permission.