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Dear friends,

I'm afraid that this is the update everyone, both reader and author alike, dreads. I've decided to bring Dasien to an end. Over the years, I've grown as an artist and a writer, and this series has become an archive of that growth.

As it is, I have difficulty reconciling the history of the series with the sort of stories that I want to tell. While proud of these characters, I feel they're mired in juvenile writing, enough that I feel boxed in by twenty-year-old stories that don't represent the sort of writer I am today. I feel the only way to move forward is to wipe the slate and start anew.

It's something I've thought about many times over the past few years, but it was the passing of my longtime friend Al Schroeder, the author of Dasien's buddy Mindmistress, that ultimately sealed the fate of Dasien as a series. Al was a good friend, my biggest supporter, and my closest tie to the old webcomic community. Without him, I Feel like Dasien lost something vital, even if the readers only occasionally saw it in story form.

Dasien will be back, though. I believe in these characters too strongly to abandon them. And for those of you subscribed to this RSS feed, you need only stay subbed to receive Dasien's rebirth in the form of Space Honeys, a series in which both Das and Parker take off to the stars. I know, it sounds cliche and very much like Josie In Outer Space. Yes, I'm aware of those comparisons. "But why are they in space? There's no reason for them to be in space!" Sure. Laugh it up.

But I think this will give me the fresh start I need to find a new creative spark and tell stories that weren't possible in the old Dasien. I hope you'll join me.

Until then, thank you for years of love.

And, for the Final time...

Aspire for greater things!

Neil Purcell

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